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I couldn’t find an easy way to find volunteering opportunities with filtering of the needed help, locations, dates/times, etc. And as a good human, I believe people should help others in need and there must be a better way to find who needs help. As an employer, you want to promote ethical behaviour and ‘help others’ mindset. Finding the societies or non-profits who need help takes time and effort, and quite a burden for HR team when they are already swamped with their primary responsibilities.


A platform for companies to bridge the gap between non-profits and other organization who would benefit from volunteering help and their employees who want to contribute to their communities by volunteering. With karma points for the work the employees do, and gamification to stimulate the “give-back” actions.

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All work on this website is on pause, as I decided to focus all attention on my big project My SoulTeam (https://mysoulteam.com).
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