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As an office manager, it is hard to keep up with the supplies and accessories your team may need. Think milk, snacks, coffee beans, HDMI cables, USB-dongles, etc. Anything that the team needs on a regular basis. How do you keep track of all that’s needed? Often, the office manager has to go around and check what needs replenishment, or if there are any requests for extra accessories/equipment. Or a more usual scenario – when employees already need something right now, they ask the office manager to re-order something and then wait for another few days to get it in the office. This works on an ad-hoc basis, which makes it easy for many things to get missed.


A mobile app, potentially, with Slack (or slack-like) bot to make reordering of regular items 1-click easy. Employees launch the app (or slack) and click items they want to get re-ordered. During the day, the office manager receives notifications of incoming requests and approves/rejects them, then the app submits the order at a defined time of the day. For scaling and optimizing delivery can combine daily orders from several offices in the same building/area.

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