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Static banners on public transit (and anywhere else) have limited space they can take. So, advertisers decide to pack as much information (text and graphics) as they can, which often results in poorly-designed banners with bad readability and lack of clarity.


A platform where advertisers can create interactive printed banners with augmented reality. A user would point the app’s camera onto a banner to trigger interactive content and get additional information in a more engaging way (e.g. video, 3d models of products, testimonials, ratings, demos, etc.), plus 1-click going to the webpage, instead of manually typing up the address in the browser. Question is how to motivate users to install the app and use it. A potential solution to that problem is a points-collecting system that would reward users for “scanning” the banner. And then, they can use these points the same way as other loyalty systems points, maybe turn into discounts in participating advertisers, etc.

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