Hi, I am Kirill Vechtomov

Welcome to the journal of my life as a hustling entrepreneur.


Got Let Go

Problem I started noticing more and more headlines about startups’ layoffs. It was hard to see the real situation, so I wanted to understand if it was an alarming trend or just too much buzz in the media. Solution A website collecting (and displaying) information about layoffs, grouped by month, number of employees fired company, […]


Problem During my career, I’d been hearing many of my colleagues who were hired on a contract basis complain that the biggest disadvantage of being a contract employee is that they don’t get extended health benefits like permanent employees do. For instance, if they need to fix a tooth, they have to pay the full […]

Evil Foods

Problem This idea was born when I got tired of googling for the food ingredients listed on the packaging. Instead of reading the ingredients lists and then googling mysterious names, I thought: What if there was a mobile app that could scan the UPC code of a product and give you a verdict on whether […]

Geeky Events

Problem Being a designer, it’s absolutely essential for me to keep learning. Technologies change rapidly, and we can’t stop learning if we want to stay relevant. One of the best ways to learn and grow your network is to attend conferences, workshops, training and other professional events. When I started looking for events in my area, I […]

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All work on this website is on pause, as I decided to focus all attention on my big project My SoulTeam (https://mysoulteam.com).
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