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Employee workplace has a huge impact on humans lives, which as a result effects the bottom line of a lot of companies. When their teams are not happy and engaged, the productivity suffers and the churn rate increases. Traditional tools fail to solve the problem and are also unaffordable for smaller companies.


Affordable web platform for HR professionals to measure, track and improve employee engagement.

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After working on this startup for about 1.5 years, I came to the conclusion that I don’t have the resources required to solve this problem. A huge time commitment was necessary and considering I had a full-time job, the sacrifice would have fallen on my children and family. I made a decision to prioritize my family over this startup.


  • Employee engagement is a huge problem and it has a huge impact on the company’s bottom line. There is a ton of research studies showing that.
  • The main cause of bad employee experience is a bad manager. Overwhelming 70ish %. I can confirm from my observations.
  • Being a great leader is not for everyone. Most of the managers can become good leaders but need to learn the necessary skills.
  • There is no completely safe way for an employee to freely communicate their concerns to the management without being afraid of repercussions.
  • There are many situations showing that when there is an employer-employee conflict, HR manager/etc. working in this company is motivated to “protect” the company, not the employee. So, be careful.
  • Most of the HR professionals understand the importance of investing in employee well-being, but they lack executive support (which will require educating and convincing to carve out more budget).
  • HR professionals in small/medium companies are overloaded and have to spend all their time dealing with day-to-day tactical tasks, so they don’t have time to act on more strategic activities, such as employee engagement.

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