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I started noticing more and more headlines about startups’ layoffs. It was hard to see the real situation, so I wanted to understand if it was an alarming trend or just too much buzz in the media.


A website collecting (and displaying) information about layoffs, grouped by month, number of employees fired company, and source URL. Visually displaying a timeline graph of the volumes.

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After initial scooping through the articles and announcements, which I did myself, I wanted to see if anybody was interested to contribute to the data collection and opened a communication channel where people could submit their layoff information. Hardly anyone contributed and it was too time-consuming to keep doing it manually myself.


  • Layoffs data is not important enough for people to contribute to (even anonymously).
  • Startups are not obliged to report their layoffs, which makes it almost impossible to get real data.
  • Various sources communicate different numbers for the same layoff, which makes it more time-consuming to aggregate the data from various different websites.
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All work on this website is on pause, as I decided to focus all attention on my big project My SoulTeam (
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