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After talking to a lot of entrepreneurs I realized that one of the most common causes for their failures and challenges is that they wait too long until they start testing their products with users. They build something tangible and ready-to-launch, and only then they go and show it to the outside world only to hear that nobody needs this or nobody can figure out how to use it. After asking them why they don’t use rapid prototyping for their product development I kept hearing the same reasons over and over again – they don’t know how to do it, where to start, and what tools to use. Having UX design background and practicing prototyping at my job and startups almost on a daily basis, I felt that I could fill that void by sharing what I know and have been doing for years now. I hate to see so much time and effort wasted by so many people when this could be avoided by adding rapid prototyping methodology to their process.


A one-stop place for entrepreneurs to learn everything they need to know about rapid prototyping and how they can increase their chances of launching a successful technology startup. →


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