Substitute Teachers On-Demand

Problem When a school teacher is out sick/vacation/etc., the school has to quickly find a substitute teacher and ask them to come in, which is done by going through an existing list of approved professionals and connecting with them over the phone to see if they are available and how fast they can get there, […]

Mens’ Skincare E-commerce Store

Problem Modern men are getting more open to the idea of taking care of their skin to age slower. When traveling for work I see more and more men of “executive” appearance stopping by skincare shops in the airports and buying some products to treat their skin/body. My assumption is that these people are usually […]

Goody Bags Subscription

Problem Every year, parents have to buy goody bags or party favours for their kids’ birthday parties. In most cases, it will be some throw-away crappy kits from Walmart or dollar store, a waste of money and negative environmental impact. Better options are very time-consuming and/or expensive. Solution A subscription service where parents register their children […]

Help Me Moving

Problem When a person is moving to a new place and they need to find information on the all necessary services by searching various different sources, calling through multiple vendors to find who is available, what their reviews and prices are, etc. Solution A one-stop marketplace with a full list of relevant services, vendors, trucks, […]

Onboarding & Internal Training

Problem Onboarding experience is lacking consistency and structure for many employees, creating unnecessary stress. Internal training systems are ridiculous to use and maintain. Solution A tool for creating and managing onboarding and other internal training courses for employees (treehouse for companies)

Features Upvoting

Problem Find a better way to gather thoughts and opinions about product development from stakeholders (and customers/prospects) Solution A tool for internal private and/or external upvoting on product and features ideas and roadmaps (product hunt for ideas within business)

Online Therapy

Problem Help people who need to see a therapist talk to one from anywhere in the world at any time. Solution A platform connecting therapists with their clients and prospects online, with ratings, comments, video-conferencing, completely private.

Get Paid to Travel

Problem Give opportunity to people who love travelling to go places and (somehow) get paid for travelling. Solution A platform that connects people who want to travel and companies/brands who want to sponsor them for producing content, with travellers’ “portfolios”, profile pages, and built-in transactions.

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