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As an office manager, it is hard to keep up with the supplies and accessories your team may need. Think milk, snacks, coffee beans, HDMI cables, USB-dongles, etc. Anything that the team needs on a regular basis. How do you keep track of all thatโ€™s needed? Often, the office manager has to go around and check what needs replenishment, or if there are any requests for extra accessories/equipment. Or a more usual scenario – when employees already need something right now, they ask the office manager to re-order something and then wait for another few days to get it in the office. This works on an ad-hoc basis, which makes it easy for many things to get missed.


A mobile app, potentially, with Slack (or slack-like) bot to make reordering of regular items 1-click easy. Employees launch the app (or slack) and click items they want to get re-ordered. During the day, the office manager receives notifications of incoming requests and approves/rejects them, then the app submits the order at a defined time of the day. For scaling and optimizing delivery can combine daily orders from several offices in the same building/area.

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